MAK TEK Band cutter

Robust, large band cutter for metal cutting with a rotary arm which allows cutting in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the cut material and at any angle in the range of -45° left to 60° right.

Material to be cut may be fed by hand or by any mechanical device and the tool movement is carried out automatically. The appropriate cutting speed (band speed) is achieved by changes in the control panel. The arm of rigid construction is made of an iron profile. The drive from the electric motor to the wheel which is driving the cutting tape is moved by a motor with a worm gear. The cutting band spans on two wheels by a hand iron tensioner and is conducted under controlled rolling and sliding carbide guides. The base is built as a rigid body with welded steel plates. Inside there is a separate coolant tank with an electropump. The configuration of the upper part of the base of the bath to drain the coolant and to capture shavings produced during cutting of the material. Working table is fixed to the base of cast iron structure with an arm twisted on both sides from -45° to +60°. The control panel is mounted on a separate arm. In the process of cutting the main cutting motion is the move of the cutting band. The rate of the fall of the arm (cutting rate) is regulated by a hydraulic cylinder. The feed rate is adjusted on the control panel of the cutting machine. We can choose between two cutting speeds of 36 and 72 m/min. In the lower position of the arm (after cutting the material) cutting band drive is automatically turned off. Security is ensured by the band covers and by the microswitches which stop the engine after the cutting cycle is finished or after opening any of the covers, additional protection is to automatically turn off the cutting machine in case when the cutting band is torn off.

 Size of the cutting band 2715 x 27 x 0,9 mm
Speed of the band 36, 72 m/min
Height of the vice base 765 mm
Minimum length of the material in a vise 100 mm

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